Marc Casey

Underwater Camera Technician

Everything Marc Casey touches turns to gold. At each stage of his life’s journey he receives attention, accolades, and awards. He could not have predicted that the music video he directed in 2009 would be nominated by the Gospel Channel for a video award in the soul category. He had no way of knowing that by applying excellence to his job as a photojournalist with WSAV-NBC it would garner him an honorable mention from the Associated Press. It started with watercolor and then a mission evolved for Marc: to meld art, sound, and technology into a beautiful moving picture. He humbly began by teaching himself, scraping dollars together to experiment with equipment, and eventually earning his Associate’s degree. Even as Marc gained leadership skills and mastered the art of discipline in the US Air Force he was recognized every year of his service for a variety of achievements. Marc never neglected his dream as circumstances inspired him to serve his country and provide for his family. By focusing on hard work and building his knowledge of every technical aspect of film, video, graphic design, animation, web design, editing, production, and interactive DVD/CD authoring, he attained a $72,000 Frances Larkin McCommon Scholarship to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). When Marc embarked on a documentary film project, while achieving his BFA at SCAD, his journey led to a silver award at the Grey Reef Film Festival.

Marc is self-motivated and hungry to work – not to simply receive awards. The work comes first and his talent shines through every time which unintentionally earns him notice. His integrity will only allow him to do his best no matter the circumstances or the weather. The strength of his character drives him to be detail-oriented, completely scrupulous, and to not only produce excellence but to exceed the expectations of those around him. The skill-set he has amassed continues to earn him positions on the film crews of major motion pictures and television shows.

Marc Casey is the golden child who transforms every media venture from mediocre to exceptional

What Is A Underwater Camera Technician?

What I do?

Full working knowledge of specialized camera equipment, lenses, and underwater lighting and diving equipment. Responsible for performing camera test to determine focus of lenses underwater and set up focus system. Build various cameras in different underwater camera housing to include HD and film camera systems. Leak test of the camera housing and other underwater camera systems during prep and each time housing is opened and returned to the water. Install and rig camera on cranes, tripods, boats and other camera support systems. Functions as camera focus puller using remote focus control system and operate camera underwater while wearing scuba diving gear.

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